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April 11, 2021
The levels of prevention in epidemiology help provide a framework for health professionals to intervene and prevent disease, injury, or disability.
April 11, 2021

application paper 13

You will be asked to write a 4 page paper regarding an application of course content. This includes designing your own research question about development, collecting data (ex. observing a child, reviewing youtube videos), and discussing how your evidence lines up with previous literature. Thus, you will also complete outside research for your topic, although can use your book as a starting place. This is an open ended topic for you to explore what is interesting to you in development. See Appendix B for the prompt.

  • The paper will be due by February 25th on TurnItIn on TritonEd. Please make sure to abide by all academic integrity requirements (see below), and include citations for all references.
  • There is extra credit available for turning in the paper early (see Extra Credit below).

please read the ppt carefully before you start this assignment


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