Proffessional Applications,”
November 22, 2021
A. criterion of self-evidence
November 22, 2021

Annotated bibliography 5 sources/paragraphs | Article writing homework help


I have uploaded my folder, with my 5 sources/citations for the annotated bibliography paper.

5 paragraphs, each citation in one paragraph, including a summary, assess, and reflection please.

You can read the introduction and conclusion of the source and then write it.

– I have a document for samples for the annotated bibliography uploaded, just do the paragraphs similar to it please.

– My 5 citations in a document uploaded.

– 6 PDF files regarding my citations to read, then summarize for the annotated bibliography. 

(one article has two files: introduction, and conclusion. The other four articles uploaded as well.) Total of 5 articles to read and summarize.

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