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analyzing two southern california modernism buildings

Analyzing Two Southern California Modernism Buildings

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*The research paper will be about analyzing two Southern California Modernism buildings as well as finding similarities between those two buildings:

1) Gehry House (1978) By Frank Gehry / Architectural Style: Deconstructivism.

2) Sheats-Golstein House (1963/89) By John Lautner / Architectural Style: Organic Architecture.

*Things to look at: Materials/ Environment (Landscape)/ Scale/ Geometry/ Domesticity/ Critical Assessments Include the architect’s analysis on the building as well as your own.

*Required textbooks to cite from: Reyner Banham, Los Angeles: The Architecture of Four Ecologies, 1971. Monographs on Lautner (such as John Lautner Book by Barbara-Ann Campbell-Lange).

**Thesis should be clear, should focus on: materiality, geometry, context, and neighborliness. ( material and geometry connect us to the world?)

**Discover striking similarities between the two buildings (Gehry house + Sheats-Goldstein house).

**Mention: How the Gehry house “Kitchen” was inspired by John Lautner’s Schaffer house “Kitchen”. (The wrapping in the Schaffer House “Kitchen” defined the perimeter by giving it a sense of expansiveness/spaciousness)

**Do minor comparison between the Gehry House (by Frank Gehry) and the Schaffer House (by John Lautner)


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