Describe an ethical decision this company has made in the past or is considering making now. Why did they make this decision or why do they plan to?
March 16, 2021
LANGUAGE AND INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES Resources Language And Individual Differences Scoring Guide. Capella Graduate Online Writing Center – APA Style And Formatting. Competencies Addressed In This Assignment Competency 1: Apply Research Findings To Topic
March 16, 2021

advocacy and social justice In counseling

Advocacy and Social Justice

In your initial post: Address what advocacy and social justice mean to you as a professional counselor. Examine how advocacy and social justice relate to multicultural competency in mental health counseling practice. Identify and discuss an area of needed advocacy for people with serious mental illness. Provide an example of how you have or could advocate or work for social justice in this area. How does your own awareness of your cultural and ethnic heritage influence your work in advocacy for your clients?


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