write a rhetorical analysis essay about the article regarding about engaging young children in computational thinking through physical play activities
October 9, 2021
Explain the importance of the problem or critical barrier in the field and how it is addressed in the proposed project. *Same topic as selected previously for corresponding assignments*
October 9, 2021

About health informatics | Information Systems homework help

Reflect on the relationship b/w EBP (evidence based practice) and informatics? Does informatics supports the development, access translations of communication and evaluation of clinical guidelines. What existing guidelines are applicable to your focus area { “focus area is paediatric obesity”} is it adequate and how would u change it? What do u need? How could informatics solutions supports improved guidelines or application of EBP in your focus area? 

Reflect on the relationship b/w PBE( practice based evidence) and informatics how does informatics support the development, access, communication, and evaluation of evidence from practice 

How will you use data mining in the focus area( paediatric obesity) what challenges might be there mining the data e.g( defining measures, identifying data sources, quality consistency) 

What is the role of CDS in your focus area? (Paediatric obesity) are they opportunities to integrate to integrate decisions supports tool in the focus area? Goal of CDS in focus area ? And where do u think CDS will be more effective e.g( whose decision they should suppprt what type of decision etc) and what are the documentation would need to be done and where the documentation would be done in EHR ( electronic health records) Please no plagiarism and taking pictures such as data or mining pictures from internet please mention citations and references no plagiarism 

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