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February 18, 2021
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February 18, 2021

6 step scientific reasoning and programing

it is an assignment that needs a complete 6 step scientific reasoning choosing among theortical or causal model using an appropriate article online , here is the requirement:

You may work alone, or in a small group (from 2-4 people). The assignment is to write a report of a scientific episode (like the exercises at the end of each chapter), and then to analyze the episode you’re reporting on using the appropriate 6-step program (theoretical, statistical, or causal). I recommend basing your report on an article found in the science section of a popular newspaper or magazine: Scientific American, The New York Times, Psychology Today, etc. While you can use a news article as the basis for your own report, the report you turn in needs to be written entirely by you (and/or your group). You may need to dip into the relevant scientific paper(s) to pull sample sizes, sample frequencies etc. Whether or not you’re working in a group, every student must submit an assignment to Canvas. (If working in a group, please list each group member’s name and SID# on the assignment.) It is also required to turn in a copy of the article(s) you base your report on. It’s not permitted to use one of the reports discussed in class, or in the book. Your grade will be based on the quality of your report and the correctness of your six-step analysis. You should aim for at least one page in length. Grammar, spelling, and style will count. Use the reports in the book as models. One last word of advice: success on this project requires that you pick an episode that you’re able to provide a good analysis of. As many episodes in science use sophisticated procedures that we have not learned how to evaluate, it may be in your interest to choose a simple episode. Best of luck!

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