social institutions and genocide 2
November 22, 2021
the high reactivity of fluorine is due to a its high electro negativity b s
November 22, 2021

6 – 7 pages essay – death in venice (novel) by thomas mann

Answer the question below. Write a 6 – 7 pages essay using MLA format. You need to use quotes from the book/ provide evidences to support  your essay .

I would like you to explore Aschenbach’s love, or desire, for Tadzio. Why does he fall in love with a boy, and what does that tell us about him, his world, or the time in which he lived? Why is his passion understood as a “cholera” that kills him in the end? What is the pleasure he takes in Tadzio’s death, or even his own? At the end of the novel, Mann alludes to Socrates. How can you see the story of Aschenbach’s passion for Tadzio in relation to the second and third old ideas of love (remember, 1) desire is felt in the absence of the thing desired and 2) the “Ladder of Love” idea of transcendence) that we discussed at the beginning of the semester?  

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