Quality and Safety Case Study In effective Inter Professional Health Care communication
April 8, 2021
2000 word essay about buddhism and violence
April 8, 2021

500 word discussion post 5

Discussion Question: Cynthia Brown (2011) states that a divided loyalty exists post 9/11 for American law enforcement. Analyze and assess her argument. Is she right or wrong? Why? Provide reference to scholarly sources to support your statements.

Your initial post should be at least 500 words.

Forum posts are graded on timeliness, relevance, knowledge of the weekly readings, and the quality of original ideas. Sources utilized to support answers are to be cited in accordance with the APA writing style by providing a general parenthetical citation (reference the author, year and page number) within your post, as well as an adjoining reference list. Refer to grading rubric for additional details concerning grading criteria.


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