Complete the following:Describe the portions of Singer’s article you seek to engage/critique.Using the tools of evaluation you have learned throughout the course, create an original argument to Singer’s article that advances your own thesis in light of Singer’s argument. Clearly state your argument position, using complete sentences to do so.Remember the nature of the stance is not important
November 22, 2021
13.Louie spent 4 hours yesterday afternoon learning how to ride a new ail-terrain vehicle, and had his competence tested over an obstacle course. He completed the course, but made 7 driving errors while on the course. After getting a good night’s rest (and without additional driving practice), Louie&nbsp
November 22, 2021

250 word summary 2

Please write a 250 word summary that includes a) a summary of the reading and b) your comments on the reading. If there is data within the article please write about the methodology. Also include the key idea in summary. Please allocate more words for the longer chapter.


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