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November 22, 2021
2 page paper topic the effect of the hpv vaccine
November 22, 2021

2 questions about intersectionality, due before 9.26th noon, 1 page

2 questions about:  Intersectionality and the Workplace/Colonial legacies, intersectionality, and Indigenous experiences in work

Answer these 2 questions after read the article and watch 3 videos, the client’s location is Canada.


1. According to the videos and materials covered in this module, intersectionality gives us a way to talk about the oppressions and privileges that overlap and reinforce each other.  Why could this be useful in considerations of inequalities in the workplace?

2. In the article (“The Difficulty with Diversity: White and Aboriginal Women Workers’ Representations of Diversity Management in Forest Processing) by Suzanne Mills, she critiques the individualistic Diversity Management model in the Multinational Forest Company (MNFC) in her study.  She argues that “diversity management will have unequal effects since it will be perceived and experienced differently by workers by different groups”.  Given what we have learned in this module about Intersectionality – how might an intersectional approach shape the management style of the MNFC differently?  Within an intersectional framework, what kinds of considerations are taken into account that might shape the MNFC differently?  How might an intersectional approach shape the experiences of women and Aboriginal workers differently than the existing Diversity model?





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