socsci 1ss3 inquiry in the social sciences
October 9, 2021
Ethical concerns, legal aspects, legislation, advocacy, organizational theory, motivation, team work, conflict, and/or communication in health care. Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements
October 9, 2021

1. describe how social marketing can be used with health care cqi.



HA452 Unit 7: Team Effectiveness in Quality Improvement and CQI, Transformation and the Learning Organization – Discussion



Discussion Topics


1. Describe how social marketing can be used with health care CQI.


2. Discuss the difference between the professional model for health care services and the transformational model.   




Assignment must be 350-400 words, strictly on topic, original, and well detailed contributions to the quality of the discussion by making atleast frequent 2-3 informed scholar references.


NO PHARGIARISM! Please thoroughly read and follow all instructions, grading rubric,  and requirements and answer all the questions accordingly for this assignment.

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